Advanced Manufacturing & Research

A flexible robotic hand or gripper and a force torque sensor create a perfect combo that can be used on your platform for a wide range of Advanced Manufacturing and R&D projects.

Robust, industry-proven components on which you can rely.

Hardware and software packages available to quickly set up your robot.

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Advanced Robotic Projects with Robotiq End Effectors

Examples from universities and tech centers around the word, using Robotiq end effectors for their projects.

3-Finger Adaptive Gripper on a Clearpath mobile robot.

3-Finger Adaptive Gripper with Universal Robots on a Clearpath mobile robot.

Golem project from GeorgiaTech

Advanced manufacturing project with Yaskawa and Mori Seiki.

3-Finger Robot Gripper at the DARPA Robotics Challenge – Carnegie Mellon University

3-Finger Robot Gripper at DLR – Space Research Center

3-Finger Robot Gripper at the DARPA Robotics Challenge – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

3-Finger Robot Gripper at the DARPA Robotics Challenge – MIT


eBook on Advanced Robotic Projects where our adaptive robot hand is used in applications such as: teleoperation, human-robot collaboration, mobile robotics, bin picking, kitting, and advanced assembly.

Advanced manipulation tasks and unstructured environments are predominant.

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R&D Robotics Projects 3 Finger

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