Welding Robot Teaching

Do you wish programming your welding robot was faster and easier? This is why we created Kinetiq Teaching to quickly program welding trajectories by hand guiding your robot.

Reduce programming time, allow more people to program your robot welder and optimize your process for small runs.

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Kinetiq Teaching vs Teach Pendant Programming

See how much time you could save by teaching your welding robot by demonstration in comparison with the traditional teach pendant programming method.

Robotic Welding cell using Kinetiq Teaching.

Intuitive and user friendly user interface.

Hand guide the robot welder to the desired welding point.

Touch screen icon based user interface.

Change the robot speed and use motions from coarse to precise.

No in-depth programming knowledge required.


Rapid-Line – a metal fabrication manufacturer – uses the Kinetiq Teaching solution with its welding robots to improve robot uptime, leverage its welders’ experience and respond to customer demand for smaller batch sizes with shorter lead times.

Watch the video and download the case study to learn more about this application.

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