ISO/TS 15066 Explained

- What's new in ISO/TS 15066? - Pain onset level data - Who needs to read ISO/TS 15066? - Widespread impact and benefits - Real world scenarios - Tips & insights   →

Collaborative Robots Risk Assessment

- The new ISO/TS 15066 - Why safety for collaborative robots is a hot topic - What are the different standards that apply to the safety of collaborative robots - What is a risk assessment and how to do it - Where to find the resources to further explore the topic of safety for collaborative robots   →

How to perform a Risk Assessment for Collaborative Robots

- Learn about each document section - Get specific examples on how to fill out each section - Understand the principles of risk assessment   →

Risk Assessment Excel Template

- Project identification and description - Method for risk analysis - Machine description, including control system and specifications - Risk estimates and evaluation criteria   →