Adaptive Robot Grippers

Research Applications

Expand your research opportunities with a flexible, rugged and reliable robot hand designed for industrial applications.

Focus on your research and let Adaptive Robot Grippers do their grasping.

The Adaptive Gripper Solution

  • The Adaptive Robot Grippers adapt automatically to grasp anything using simple high-level open and close commands.
  • The electric grippers provide feedback on grasp state to be used as a trigger in the robot programming.
  • The gripping modes as well as the control on speed, force and finger position expand your robot's manipulation capabilities.
  • Our grippers are also used in industrial settings where they must NOT fail. You benefit from the same reliability.


  • We configure your Adaptive Robot Gripper to your robot for a quick integration: comes with the specified mechanical mount, connector(s) and communication protocol.
  • Using the provided list of possible commands, you code your software to control the gripper. For a given object, you will specify the grasping type, the closing speed and force.

The Adaptive Robot Grippers are in use on advanced robots such as Yaskawa Motoman SDA, Kuka Light Weight Robot and Universal Robot.

Both Adaptive Robot Grippers are also compatible with ROS.

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