Adaptive Robot Grippers

Flexible Fixturing for Welding

Are your custom made fixtures for welding small parts causing you flexibility and quality issues?

What if you had a fixture that could be programmed for all your different parts?

The Adaptive Gripper Solution

Fully programmable, our Adaptive Robot Grippers handle a wide variety of part shapes from flat, to square, to cylindrical or irregular. Both of our electric grippers have different gripping modes and precise control of speed, force and finger position that give you the flexibility you need to optimize your welding processes.


By using our Adaptive Robot Grippers in a welding application involving a high-mix of parts you:

  • Eliminate changeovers by using a single gripper for all your parts.
  • Reduce fixture costs and complex tooling.
  • Shorten pick-up time through partial opening/closing of the electric gripper.
  • Reduce operational costs and reaction time.
  • Solve operator ergonomics and access problems.

And it makes you ready for mixed-model production.

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