Kinetiq Teaching

Do you wish robotic welders were easier to set-up and train for new work pieces?

With Kinetiq Teaching, you can now teach a robot by hand-guiding its arm through welding trajectories and easily set welding parameters with no in-depth knowledge of programming.

The Kinetiq Teaching Solution

Robotic welding no longer requires in-depth knowledge of programming; instead, machinists and welding staff can freely guide the robot arm through its workflow and adjust welding parameters on-the-fly via the teach pendant and test it live. This process results in a simple and intuitive approach to programming welding trajectories.

Kinetiq Teaching enables people to demonstrate the placement of a robotic welding tip onto a work piece by physically guiding its end-effector. Buttons on the teach pendant interface are used to designate spot welds, line welds, speeds, and approach angles. Kinetiq Teaching significantly reduces the programming time and complexity of robotic welders.



  • Teach welding trajectories by hand-guiding the torch through the welding path;
  • Set up short runs quickly and easily;
  • Reduce robot programming time and cost;
  • Make robot programming simple and intuitive for any user.

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