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Build your robotic system quickly and with confidence. You can rely on our Adaptive Robot Gripper’s robustness and our Force Torque Sensor’s ease of use to meet your application needs.

We offer hardware and software packages for most robot manufacturers, so your integration time will be minimal and you will be back in production in no time at all, leaving you to concentrating on your own product innovation.

ROS packages are available and supported for all our products.

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Advanced Robotic Projects with Robotiq End Effectors

Examples from universities and tech centers around the word, using Robotiq end effectors for their projects.

3-Finger Adaptive Gripper on a Clearpath mobile robot.

3-Finger Adaptive Gripper with Universal Robots on a Clearpath mobile robot.

Golem project from GeorgiaTech

Advanced manufacturing project with Yaskawa and Mori Seiki.

3-Finger Robot Gripper at the DARPA Robotics Challenge – Carnegie Mellon University

3-Finger Robot Gripper at DLR – Space Research Center

3-Finger Robot Gripper at the DARPA Robotics Challenge – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

3-Finger Robot Gripper at the DARPA Robotics Challenge – MIT


Get inspired with these examples of innovative projects using our Grippers and Sensor: teleoperation, human-robot collaboration, mobile robotics, bin picking, kitting, advanced assembly and more.

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R&D Robotics Projects 3 Finger

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