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Sales Engineer


Job Goals:

Created in 2008, Robotiq is a leader in the production and development of Collaborative Robot based Application Solutions, such as Palletizers, Screwdriving and CNC Machine Tending solutions. It works with a global network of connected robot experts supporting the manufacturers in various industries such as automobile, FMCG, F&B, aerospace, electronics, plasticity and others. 

As a leading industrial producer, our products are widely used in various automation applications such as palletizing, machine tending, screw driving, assembly, finishing, machine tending, pick & place, quality testing and academia. With our rapid growth in recent years, we have created a complete sales network and our customers are majorly industrial automation distributors working with tier 1 and 2 Multinational manufacturers like FAURECIA, VALEO, SAINT GOBAIN, and many more.

In order to strengthen our commercial presence in China, we have decided to recruit a Sales Engineer based in Shanghai. 

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Sales Engineer

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