Privacy Policy

Robotiq respects and protects the privacy of individuals who visit this site. You can browse our site without identifying yourself in any way whatsoever. To access some sections, however, you must provide accurate personal information so we can respond to your questions. The requested information is of a general nature and may include your name, address, phone number or email address. A record of the email address and personal information (if received) from site visitors will be kept.

Any personal information received will be kept in Robotiq ’s archive, as a print or electronic document. Robotiq will not transmit this information to any third party. Only employees of Robotiq in charge of this section will have access to this information.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Robotiq will consider any information provided as non-confidential. Robotiq also assumes that the information provided was with the permission of the owner.

This site may provide links that allow access to sites of other parties, please note that these sites are not under the responsibility of Robotiq . We recommend to visitors to read the privacy policy of those sites before providing any personal information. Robotiq is in no way responsible for the content, security or privacy policies of other sites.

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