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Force Copilot

  • Program complex tasks the easy way.
  • Unlock force-sensitive applications.
  • Increase robot-cell reliability and flexibility.
  • Unleash your force torque sensor’s full potential.
  • Master force control in no time.
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Force Copilot is an intuitive software to operate the e-Series’ embedded force torque sensor. Program complex robot movements in minutes—no robotics expertise needed. The result is a reliable and flexible robot cell.

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Machine Tending

Force Copilot features

Force Copilot uses the e-series' embedded force torque sensor data along with the following features to allow the programming of complex force-sensitive applications in minutes :

  • ActiveDrive toolbar
  • Path recording node
  • Zero FT Sensor node
  • Insertion node
  • Find Surface node
  • Force Control node
  • Force Event node
  • Collision Detection node
  • Multipoint Path node

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Easy to integrate, easy to use

On e-Series, Force Copilot uses the embedded force torque sensor data to perform force-sensitive applications. A license dongle is used to secure the URCap software. On the CB-Series, Force Copilot is included with Robotiq’s FT 300.

Program complex tasks the easy way

Make force control easy. Enter your task parameters, press play, and perform your application.

Increase precision and repeatability

Increase your robot’s dexterity by pairing your sensor with Force Copilot. Gain flexibility and robustness for assembly, insertion, pick-and-place, and machine-tending applications.

Enable more applications with gripping and vision

Easily integrate the Wrist Camera to locate the right part and an Adaptive Gripper to insert it.

Unleash your FT Sensor’s full potential

Use Force Copilot’s features to program tasks and applications with your e-Series sensor. No additional hardware needed!

Unlock force-sensitive applications

Gain access to applications that need force-torque feedback with Force Copilot’s intuitive programming interface.

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