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Principal Human Resources Partner

Saint-Nicolas, Québec

Job Goals:

Robotiq is the humans behind the robots : a team of passionate people who develop know-how and tools for the implementation of collaborative robots around the world. We don't just develop the best tools, we also build a world-class team. 

Always on the lookout for best practices, we constantly seek to innovate and challenge the status quo. Robotiq is an extraordinary work environment. New premises, natural light everywhere, a relaxed atmosphere and close-knit teams!

As a Principal Human Resources Partner, you will work closely with the various team managers and exercise your advisory role by supporting them in their human resources decision-making. You will develop tools, processes and programs aimed at equipping managers in their human management of “Robotiquois.e.s” .

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Principal Human Resources Partner

Why work at Robotiq? To change the world!

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