Robotiq products

Robotiq tools for agile automation are divided into 3 product lines:

  • Adaptive Robot Grippers to give unmatched handling versatility.
  • Kinetiq Teaching to teach your welding robot by demonstration.
  • Force Torque Sensor to provide force sensing to a robot through a clear digital signal.

Adaptive robot grippers

Adaptive Robot Gripper 2-Finger 85

2-finger 85

With a stroke of 85 mm and a payload of 5 kg, this programmable gripper can handle all your parts. Compatible with all major industrial robots. Easy Integration Packages are available on robots such as Universal Robots, ABB, Yaskawa and Fanuc.

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Adaptive Robot Gripper 3-Finger


Get maximum flexibility for robotic R&D. This robot hand is compatible with all major industrial robots. Easy integration packages are also available for industrial robots like: Universal Robots, ABB and Yaskawa. A ROS stack is also available.

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Force Torque Sensor

Force Torque Sensor FT 150

FT 150

This 6-Axis Force Torque Sensor designed for force control provides digital signal and is easy to integrate. No need for an external signal processing box and it is compatible with all major industrial robot manufacturers.

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Kinetiq Teaching

Kinetiq Teaching Robotic Welding

Kinetiq teaching - Welding

Maximize the use of your welding robot and save programming time by intuitively teaching robot welders while automating even small runs. Enables any operator to program a welding robot without in-depth programming knowledge.

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