Adaptive Robot Gripper 2-Finger 200

With a stroke of 200 mm and a payload of 23 kg, this sealed and programmable Robot Gripper can handle a wide variety of parts.

Compatible with all major industrial robot manufacturers. Use a single robotic end effector to eliminate changeovers and reduce tooling costs.

Adaptive Robot Gripper 2-Finger 200


Gripper stroke 0 to 200 mm 0 to 7.9 in
Grip force 150 to 750 N 34 to 169 lbf
Maximum recommended payload 22,9 kg 50.5 lbs
Closing speed 18 to 114 mm/s 0.71 to 4.49 in/s
Parallel grip repeatability 0.03 mm 0.001 in
Gripper weight 8.8 kg 19.4 lbs


Easy Integration

Compatible with all major industrial robot manufacturers.

We also provide mechanical and software components to make the installation and use easier for many different industrial robots, such as: ABB, Yaskawa and Fanuc.

Easy integration 2 finger gripper 200


Machine Tending

Machine Tending

Automation of machine tending processes that include a wide variety of parts often sounds like complexity and expensive custom tooling. Now, your industrial robot only needs a single robotic gripper to handle all your parts.

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Control the position and force of the fingers on your robot gripper to pick a large variety of part sizes, geometries and material strengths in your robotic assembly application. Use a single robotic gripper to handle all your parts!

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Using the 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper  200, Concept Systems was able to find the best combination of: robot, gripper and vision system, that would maximize the ROI of their customers to the fullest advantage.

Watch the video and download the case study to learn more about this profitable application.

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Robotic material handling

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