Skills are to robots what apps are to phones. They accelerate robot programming by providing ready-to-use, downloadable robotic programs. They extend the build-in capabilities of the robot with a broader variety of specialized tasks.


Skills are made to take full advantage of Robotiq plug + play Components. They provide the new robotic capabilities you need for a faster time-to-production.

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Easy to integrate, easy to use

Every Skills package i­­ncludes a complete program to download on a USB key, a step-by-step procedure describing how to use the application itself, and a demonstration video.

Skills are free for all users of Robotiq Plug & Play components or Insights subscribers.

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Automation engineers can download and reuse skills instead of teaching or programming a complex robotic task that has already been solved.

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Give the spiral search Skills to your robot

Upload your Skills program on a USB key to install it on your teach pendant’s URCaps.

Robot does a spiral search

Once the skills program is installed, click on the function of your choice and the robot is ready to perform it.

Access a complete library of skills. Download those who match your production needs to enhance your robot’s capabilities. Go to Skills library

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