Skills are to robots what apps are to phones. They accelerate robot programming by providing ready-to-use, downloadable robotic programs. They extend the built-in capabilities of the robot with a broader variety of specialized tasks. 

Easy to integrate, easy to use

Every Skills package i­­ncludes a complete program to download on a USB key, a step-by-step procedure describing how to use the application itself, and a demonstration video.

Skills are free for all users of Robotiq Plug & Play components or Insights subscribers.

Automation engineers can download and reuse skills instead of teaching or programming a complex robotic task that has already been solved.

Access a complete library of free Skills. There are many of them for every Robotiq Plug + Play component. Download those that match your production needs and enhance your robot’s capabilities.

Save hours of programming

Upload your Skills URCap on a USB key and install it on your teach pendant. You have saved hours of programming and your robot is ready to perform new applications!

Once the Skill is installed, activate it by inserting a Script node and call the Skill from the functions menu. Your robot is now able to do more, increasing precision, repeatability and overall productivity.

Access a complete library of skills

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