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A Cobot Story by Robotiq


Since our last case study with WALT Machine Inc., they have seen a huge increase in demand, but hiring new employees hasn’t gotten any easier. Tommy Caughey, president of WALT Machine Inc. has already succeeded with automating a first CNC machine. He is now looking to scale its production and automation capabilities to meet growing customer needs.


Caughey already had part of the answer with his first application. He started small instead of trying to automate everything at once. It worked: his Robotiq 2F-140 Gripper, installed on a ceiling-mounted Universal Robot UR10, is tending three different machines. He’s now installing a Robotiq CNC Machine Tending Kit on a new UR and automating a second application.

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Machine Tending

Pick & Place

By the numbers
CNC machines
Tended by one cobot mounted on the ceiling

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