Adaptive Robot Grippers

Machine load / unload

Handling high-mix parts along your production process has always sounded like "expensive custom-made tooling" and "costly changeovers"?

From now on with Adaptive Robot Grippers, it will sound like an opportunity to get real ROI!

The Adaptive Gripper Solution

Fully programmable, our Adaptive Robot Grippers can grip a wide variety of part shapes from flat, to square, to cylindrical, to irregular. Both our electric grippers have different gripping modes and precise control of speed, force and finger position, that give you the flexibility and precision to pick and place parts in machine tool or other production processes.


By using our Adaptive Robot Grippers in machine load/unload applications dealing with high-mix parts you:

  • Reduce gripper development time and cost.
  • Eliminate changeovers.
  • Reduce scrap occurrence by controlling the applied force.
  • Shorten pick-up time through partial opening and closing.

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