Machine Loading/Unloading

Feeding a machine should be automatic. Robotized machine feeding will increase productivity and free skilled workers for more stimulating and fruitful work.

While the worker would still bring a pallet of parts to the robot, the robot would then feed the parts to the CNC machine autonomously.

Using an Adaptive Gripper allows the same robot arm to open the machine, take out the machined part, put in a new unprocessed part and close the door so that the machining can begin.

With the Robotiq Camera, there is no need for jigs or to carefully place the parts. The Robotiq Camera can detect them so the robot’s arm knows their position and can pick them up easily.

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Robotic Machine Tending with Flexible Robot Gripper

The 2-Finger Adaptive Gripper 85 in a machine tending application with Universal Robots.

CASE STUDY: How Inertia Switch tripled its productivity

How Inertia Switch tripled its productivity after implementing a Robotiq Adaptive Gripper combined with Universal Robots to operate their production machines. Inertia Switch was able to do this with a third of its previous workforce.

Watch the video and download the case study to learn more.

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