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Delivering peace of mind that your machines will always be running through accessible automation.

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Ensure constant production

Robotiq’s solution delivers peace of mind that your machines will always be running. Increase your production hours and reduce downtime with an easy-to-use solution that does the work for you.

Remove complexity

Automating a CNC machine can be overwhelmingly complicated. Our solution guides you through programming from start to finish, making a complex application simple.

Deploy in hours on any CNC

No need to open or alter your machine in any way; external modules manage communication with the machine interface, meaning it will work with any brand of CNC machine. This approach greatly reduces deployment time.

Earn a quick ROI

High-mix, low-volume automation is finally viable with the accelerated deployment and changeover made possible by our Machine Tending Copilot. Now any batch size can be automated.

Create programs 75% faster than with traditional programming, thanks to guidance on setting key waypoints and simple action menus

  • #1 Set key waypoints
    Once they're set, they become the reference points for your operations.
  • #2 Refine operations
    Use our action menus and adapt the solution to your needs.
  • #3 Create your Smart Moves
    Machine Tending Copilot creates optimized movements between your key waypoints, finding the best path through the pre-defined flyzone and automatically avoiding collisions within the workcell.

Machine Tending Copilot does the hard work for you.

Does it fit in your factory?

Machine Tending
Solution Configuration

Configure the right solution to automate the machine tending application in your factory. Our tool will guide you through the process and provide all the details you will need to take the next step towards ensuring your machines will always be running.

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They mastered their process

What Robotiq’s grippers have to offer is a step beyond any of the competitors.

Vincent Roussy Manufacturing Engineering Manager Usinatech

We went fron making about 1,000, 1,500 or 2,000 parts at a time, to about 45,000-50,000 of these parts.

Tommy Caughey President WALT Machine

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