Industrial Robotic Hand Machine Tending

Machine load / unload

Handling high-mix parts along your production process has always sounded like "expensive custom-made tooling" and "costly changeovers"?

From now on with Adaptive Robot Grippers, it will sound like an opportunity to get real ROI!

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Bin Picking Robot Gripper Hand

Bin Picking

Is your robot gripper the bottleneck in your bin picking application?

Give more gripping options to your system using the Adaptive Robot Grippers.

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gripper, welding

Flexible Fixturing for Welding

Are your custom made fixtures for welding small parts causing you flexibility and quality issues?

What if you had a fixture that could be programmed for all your different parts?

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Three articulated fingers with three phalanges can wrap around parts to ensure a firm grip while distributing the pressure on up to 10 contact points.

Handling Fragile Parts

Handling fragile parts with pneumatic grippers and vacuum cups is causing scrap?

Take advantage of the compliant fingers and fine motor control of the Adaptive Robot Grippers.

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Mobile Robot Gripper

Research Applications

Expand your research opportunities with a flexible, rugged and reliable robot hand designed for industrial applications.

Focus on your research and let Adaptive Robot Grippers do their grasping.

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Kinetiq Teaching enables job shops to easily implement robotic welding with simplified teaching and reduced set-up times by allowing operators to guide the robot by hand to desired weld positions.

Kinetiq Teaching

Do you wish robotic welders were easier to set-up and train for new work pieces?

With Kinetiq Teaching, you can now teach a robot by hand-guiding its arm through welding trajectories and easily set welding parameters with no in-depth knowledge of programming.

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