Wrist Camera: Plug + Play Vision for Universal Robots

Robotiq's Camera brings Plug + Play vision for Universal Robots.

  • 5-minute setup time
  • Fast and simple object teaching interface
  • Autonomous location of objects on work surface
  • No coding required
  • Fast cycle time

The Camera is designed specifically for Universal Robots.

Wrist Camera: Plug + Play Vision for Universal Robots


Metric Imperial
MAXIMAL RESOLUTION 5 Mpx @ 2fps (2560 X 1920) 5 Mpx @ 2fps (2560 X 1920)
MAXIMAL FRAMERATE 30 fps @ 0.3 Mpx (640 X 480) 30 fps @ 0.3 Mpx (640 X 480)
ACTIVE ARRAY SIZE 2592 X 1944 2592 X 1944
FOCUS RANGE 70 mm to infinity 2.76 in to infinity
ADDED HEIGHT 13.5 mm (Without tool plate) and 23.5 mm (With tool plate) 0.53 in (Without tool plate) and 0.93 in (With tool plate)
Compatibility: Universal Robots UR3, UR5 & UR10 with controller CB3.1 or higher only


Easy Integration

Robotiq’s Camera is designed especially for Universal Robots.

  • Perfect fit for all UR wrists
  • Software embedded on UR’s user interface, Polyscope
  • No custom wiring required
  • No external PC required to set up, program or run Camera


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Program Template:

Increasing the Wrist Camera’s Field of View

The main objective of this program template is to provide a program template allowing you to increase the Robotiq Wrist Camera’s field of view.


Download Program Template

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