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Collaborative robots are easy to program by yourself. They help you achieve your targets and reduce waste on the production floor.

Are robots relevant for my factory?
What can collaborative robots do?
How much training is required?
Why should I choose a collaborative robot?
Are robots the right choice?

Are robots relevant for my factory?

Every factory is different. Every manufacturing process is different. We get it. That’s why we designed Robotiq Plug + Play Components and software products to fit across different processes. With the Lean Robotics methodology, you can standardize on Robotiq and deploy collaborative robot cells that meet your process requirements.

What can collaborative robots do?

Robotiq Plug + Play Components work well for these applications. Are those part of your manufacturing process?





Machine Tending

Pick & Place

Quality Testing

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How much training is required?

We build our Plug + Play Components to be easy to program even if you don't have any robotics background. There's very little training required, and you’ll have easy access to our online community and our integration coaches to help you when you need it.

We’ve also created a program to help manufacturing managers build their in-house robotic knowledge, to help you take control of your robotic cell deployments.

Why should I choose a collaborative robot?

From running and extra shift unattended to building up production quality and consistency or even bridging a recruitment challenge, manufacturers benefit from deploying a collaborative robot cell.

There's nothing like real life examples to see the difference Robotiq Plug + Play Components make. Many of our clients shared their automation experiences with us. From global companies to manufacturing startups, they've all improved their business with Robotiq.

Are robots the right choice?

If you are looking to optimize your production while increasing your product quality, Robotiq Plug + Play Components are a reliable and cost-effective solution to improve your global performance.

The key is to start with processes that are easy to automate. Read our eBook: Get started with collaborative robot

Is there a local distributor in my area?

Wherever you are across the globe, let Robotiq come to you. Our global partners network covers every region of the world and is expanding every week! Contact us and let's meet at your premises.

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