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Automation that makes financial sense

Deploying robots quickly with Lean Robotics can reduce your production costs, increase productivity and help fill the skills gap.

Are robots relevant for my factory?
Can I afford a robot?
Why should I choose a collaborative robot?
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Are robots relevant for my factory?

Let’s face it, it’s becoming harder everyday to fill manufacturing jobs. According to a Manufacturing Institute/Deloitte report, 2 million of those jobs will be unfilled in a decade. Do you have processes where you have a high risk of repetitive stress injury? Where staff is difficult to retain or assign? Those are the best places to start with Lean Robotics methodology.

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Robotic cells help manufacturers increase their productivity and product quality while freeing their employees from repetitive tasks

Watch how Continental Automotive Spain did it by automating their quality testing process.

Can I afford a robot?

The ROI of a collaborative robot cell is 6 months on average and rarely takes over a year. Contrary to traditional industrial robot cells, collaborative robot cells equipped with our Plug + Play Components can be integrated by your team, with the help of our coaches. This reduces integration costs and delays to get to production.

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Why should I choose a collaborative robot?

Some manufacturers choose collaborative robot cells because of their very small footprint. Other like the ease of programming. All manufacturers like the low integration costs. What makes sense for you?

There's nothing like real life examples to see the difference Robotiq Plug + Play Components make. Watch how companies, big and small, are deploying robots in their factories and how they improved their business with Robotiq.

Is there a local distributor in my area?

Wherever you are across the globe, let Robotiq come to you. Our global partners network covers every region of the world and is expanding every week! Contact us and let's meet at your premises.

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